Parks and Open Areas


Safety Advice for using our Parks.
We hope that you are all able to use and enjoy the outdoor recreational areas within Kingsteignton safely. Whether you wish to take your children to play, have a picnic, exercise, play games or walk your dog or just sit and relax with friends. Please may we just ask that you do so safely and with respect for others by reading the following guidelines prior to use:-

For your own safety and the safety of others

To ensure you are ready to use these areas safely please read these simple instructions and plan ahead.
  1. Parents must read this guidance and ensure their families follow it carefully for the safety of their children and others.
  2. This equipment is checked regularly for damage, wear and tear, but is not sanitised or disinfected.
  3. This is shared equipment, used at your own risk.
  4. Do not use this equipment if you or any member of your household has coronavirus symptoms, or are self-isolating.
  5. Make sure you have hand sanitiser with you before entering this play area.
  6. Encourage everyone in your family to wash their hands with hand sanitiser regularly and as a minimum before and after using play areas.
  7. Encourage children to avoid touching their faces.
  8. Please still consider social distancing from others - it is still safer to keep away from others unless they are from the same household. Also, other people may be vulnerable and not wish to be close to others.
  9. Please ensure your family waits at a safe distance if the equipment is in use or return later to use the equipment.
  10. If your family is wearing disposable PPE, please take it home with you or where provided use the bins – PLEASE DO NOT LITTER.
  11. Wash your hands thoroughly when you get home.

We hope you enjoy using these recreational areas and thank you for helping to keep everyone safe by following these simple instructions above.

Oakford Lawn, Kingsleigh ParkPriscott Way Park and Pipistrelle Way, as well as Hackney Marshes alongside the River Teign and the green at Sandygate all provide exercise spaces within Kingsteignton. We ask you to please respect others at all times for your sake and as well as theirs. Let's keep each other safe.


Clifford Park

We are pleased to announce that the new play area for young children is now open for all young children and parents to enjoy!

New play equipment and picnic bench have been installed, new soft flooring has been laid and some previously existing equipment has been renovated. 

The safety checks have been carried out and all equipment approved by RoSPA.

Clifford Park is a little hidden with access from Coronation Road and Longford Lane, adjacent to the Royal British Legion club car park.

Kingsteignton Town Council own and maintain the 3 acre park. It is a large, flat field which provides an enclosed fully equipped, young children’s playground and a MUGA (Multi-use games area), including a ball court with hoop and net fencing, a ball catcher post, a table tennis table (you will need to take your own bats and a ball) and a half-pipe Skate Ramp. (Shown below).

Over in a quiet corner there is a range of Fitness Equipment suitable for ages 14 - 100+ year old's! (Shown opposite).

We would like to thank our residents for their patience during the time that the young childrens' play area has been closed off whilst the recent work has been carried out.  

We hope that you and your children will enjoy using the new play area as well as the rest of the park.




Clifford Park

Some of the facilities

Kids play area at clifford park

Awaiting new photo.

multi use games area at clifford park

skate ramp at clifford park


Oakford Lawn

is a hidden gem of Kingsteignton. Access is signed from Oakford Stationers at the junction of Broadway Road and Gestridge Road and a further entrance can be found along Broadway Road opposite the junction with Wolverton Drive.

It is owned by the Village Trust and managed on behalf of residents and visitors by the Town Council. Enjoyed for its peace and tranquillity, it is also the venue for the annual Ram Roasting Fair. The remains of hounds' kennels from the previous owner, Master of the Haldon Hunt Mr. Lloyd-Bucknell, can be found in one corner of the 3 acre park.

A board in Oakford Lawn bears the following text:
"For many years this field was part of the estate of Oakford House and was used on the 22nd June 1897 for a public dinner to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. In 1900 it was again used for the village centenary celebrations. Since 1904 it has been the traditional site of the annual village Ram Roast Fair. Previously occupied by Dr David Cromie, one-time village General Medical Practitioner and Torbay
Hospital surgeon, it was purchased and lived in by Mr Lloyd-Bucknell who, as master of the Haldon Hunt, had loose boxes in his garden and stables sited where the Youth Club is today. The ruins at the far left
corner are all that remain of the hounds’ kennels. In 1935 it was again used to host the celebrations to mark the Silver Jubilee of George V.

During the Second World War it was occupied by the Army, ARP and emergency services. Troops returning from the war were given a welcome home party on the lawn. After the War one of the village dairymen, Mr
Gorwyn Partridge, grazed his cows here when it was owned by a Mr Reece.

In 1963, following the death of Mr Reece, the land was sold to Devon County Council as a possible site for a second primary school. The school was eventually built in Rydon Road and the lawn continued as a playing field for St Michael’s Primary School.

The Preserve Oakford Lawn Association was launched in 1987 in an attempt to stop any building development on the site. This became a serious threat in 1999 but negotiations resulted in the purchase of the land by the Kingsteignton Village Trust on the 30th November 2000. The object of the Trust is to preserve the lawn as an open space. The purchase price was raised over a six-month period by large and small donations. The major contributors are listed but the whole effort involved all aspects of village life, participants included an eighteen-month old toddler and a seventy-year old abseiler. Thanks for contributions are due to Ugbrooke Environmental Ltd, Kingsteignton Parish Council, Watts, Blake, Bearne & Co, Teignbridge District Council, C R Willcocks & Co, M & W Minerals Ltd and, in particular, the villagers of Kingsteignton.

Oakford Lawn has been purchased as a place of recreation and quiet retreat, we would request that users treat the area with respect so that it will remain a pleasure for all to enjoy."

Owned by the Kingsteignton Village Trust

Oakford Lawn

Oakford Lawn


Kingsleigh Park

is a walking and play area with open grassland and views to Haytor. The children’s playground was completely refurbished in 2011 and has two slides, junior swings, compass rocks climbing wall picnic bench and shrubs. Pedestrian access can be gained from Longfield Avenue and also from Gate Tree Close and Calvados Park. This park is owned and maintained by Teignbridge District Council
Kingsleigh Park


Hackney Marshes

is adjacent to the Teign Estuary and racecourse. Access can be gained from Greenhill Way, where there is a free car park, and from a footpath from the Passage House Inn. You can find a wide variety of wildlife in a mix of grassland, reed beds and ponds.

There are bicycle racks, wheelchair-friendly ramped bridges and level paths and picnic benches. A lock to the long abandoned Hackney Canal can be found on the waterside.

This 8.5 acre area is a Local Nature Reserve and managed by Teignbridge District Council.
Hackney Marsh